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Miss BIBI’s trimmers are all Japanese. Shampoos used for trimming are made in Japan. We provide high Quality Japanese trimming service.

About Trimming At Miss BIBI, we go beyond merely beautifying your pet. We offer a total trimming service that supports the health of your dog. We believe to have your pet’s health checked professionally during trimming sessions is a crucial aspect of care owed to all dogs.

Health Check During Trimming

A professional will check your pet’s health during the trimming session. For example, for dogs mostly living indoors, trimming excess hair behind the legs and cutting nails is an integral part of caring for its welfare. We can also prevent arthritis and hernias by making flooring less slippery and easier to walk on.

Also, it is not uncommon to greatly reduce the smell of your dog by having a professional clean its ears, brush its teeth, cut excess hair and express the dog’s anal glands.

Personalized Trimming Notebook to Manage Health

A variety of information is recorded in our salon’s special personalized trimming notebook. A highly skilled trimmer will check the whole body and record its condition. Amongst others, the check will include: the dog’s coat, behavior, character, the styling preferred by the owner, the state of the skin and hairballs, the size of the body, inside the ears and the mouth, the condition of the anus, and much more. As you can see, a fountain of information is recorded. This will help with the prevention and early detection of diseases and illness.

You can easily have your pet’s health examined while you shop or dine in the Aoyama area. Make sure take advantage of the total trimming service regularly to ensure a happy and healthy life for your dog.

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