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Spa Este

Pet beauty therapy is often considered to be unnecessary. However at Miss BIBI, we believe it can help improve a dog’s skin ailments and reduce stress levels. We only provide products and care that come with proven results, thereby offering you a service that is a cut above the norm.

Spa menu

Ozone/Micro Bubbles


Ultra fine bubbles better stimulate the skin and effectively unblock and clean pores. Pet odors can also be suppressed and it is also effective for improving skin ailments. Adding ‘Ozone’ to the conventional Micro Bubbles creates a protective film over the surface of the fur, regenerating the skin and strengthening cuticles.

Carbonated Hot Spring


Carbonation promotes better circulation and higher metabolism, meaning your pet’s natural healing power is enhanced to tackle skin ailments. We gently remove your dog’s sebum and leftover shampoo from the skin and hair roots using the same mildly acidic solution, which results in healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Este menu


We provide a high quality mudpack, which is rich in vitamin A and has high concentrations of minerals. Ultra-fine particles of important nutrients permeate through, protecting and moisturizing the skin and fur. The result is a long lasting and soft coat.


Special Dental Brush


We can maintain your dog’s healthy teeth, which in turn helps to prevent bad breath and periodontal disease. We will gently brush your dog’s teeth with a toothpaste gel made with natural antioxidized water as its main ingredient.

Aroma Massage

Using massage oil that matches your dog’s condition, our staff who are qualified pet aroma massage therapists, will gently massage your pet. It can be used to relieve the day to day stress that dogs feel, or as a reward for being good during a trimming session.


Silk Pack


This bubble pack was created by infusing 100% domestically produced natural silk into a beauty serum (silk is said to be closest to a dog’s cell structure). No chemicals detrimental to your pet’s skin are used in the process. This is recommended for dogs suffering from dry, itchy skin and sensitive skin.


Gonna Party

  1. Ozone/Micro Bubbles
  2. Silk Pack
  3. Special Dental Brush

Miss Holiday

  1. Carbonated Hot Spring
  2. Silk Pack
  3. Aroma Massage

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